"Neither of us mentioned the volcano"

I'm writing to take a break from the work I’m doing on my project here. It's also the day of the outcome of the US election, which is surreal, or at least that's how my friend put it at 9am this morning (surreal being a product of the real). I am not the target of white supremacy and virulent sexism, two things that are now emboldened by the election result. Nor do I live in a country on the receiving end of US aggression. I fear for and send positive thoughts to those who are black, latinx, queer, transgendered, the incarcerated, educators, undocumented migrants, health workers amongst many others who will feel the immediate terror of this result. I hope that this can be a turning point for political and social organising both in the US and in my home country, with a view to setting a new agenda and a new mode of being.