Perhaps a lot has already been said on this subject, but I suppose it can’t hurt to say more (maybe to write about everyday things is to return to the same subjects over again anyway). I like how washing is hung from under apartment windows here in Prato. I know this happens in many places all over the world. Here you can see bedding, table cloths, clothes and under-clothes; it doesn’t matter what quality or design, all fabric looks wonderful when it’s undulating in the wind. It’s also a good trick, where the internal spaces like the bedroom get turned inside out. I went to the library and stumbled on a picture by a local artist Mario Mariotti who in 1985 hung large painted canvases from the windows of apartments in Florence.

I don’t know about the notion of art as externalisation (seems more confusing than that). But it does feel exposing. This activity of writing is exciting because I have no idea how each sentence will end